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Full record Site name Remains/Period County
MORE Ty-Isaf, Bre 5 Y5 Y4 Powys
MORE Pipton, Bre 8 Y5 Powys
MORE Gwernvale, Bre 7 Y5 Powys
MORE Pen-y-Wyrlod II, Bre 14 Y5 Powys
MORE Pen-y-Wyrlod I, The Druid's Altar, Bre 1 Y5 Y4 Powys
MORE Little Lodge, Bre 2 Y5 Powys
MORE Ffostyl South, Talgarth Y5 Powys
MORE Cwm Car Farm, Dolygaer Y4 Powys
MORE Ynys Hir Cairn, Mynydd Epynt Y4 Powys
MORE Wauddu Farm, near Llangynidr Y4 Powys
MORE Ystradfellte Y4 Powys


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