Internet Archaeol. 14. Heyworth. Summary

Feed the world: sharing knowledge via blogs and news feeds

Mike Heyworth

Bowes Morrell House, 111 Walmgate, York YO1 9WA. or Council for British Archaeology

Cite this as: Heyworth, M. 2004 Feed the world: sharing knowledge via blogs and news feeds, Internet Archaeology 14.


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This short article looks at emerging options for sharing information in ways that are more 'active' from a user's point of view. Using appropriate software it is now possible to be sent automatic notification when new information appears, and this information is available to be shared to the extent that it can even be incorporated within other web pages, and customised to fit in with the look and feel of any web site. Examples of these new services have been established by the Council for British Archaeology and the article describes how these services can be accessed and fully used.

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