Archaeological Infomatics: Beyond Technology

Themed issue edited by Jeremy Huggett and Seamus Ross

Table of Contents

Jeremy Huggett and Seamus Ross

The Past in Bits: towards an archaeology of Information Technology?
Jeremy Huggett

'The Storm of Progress' and Archaeology for an Online Public
Kathryn Denning

The future of electronic scholarship
Cornelius Holtorf

Nick Ryan

Sites and Monuments Records and Historic Environment Records in England: is Cinderella finally going to the Ball?
Paul Gilman

National Inventories: from catalogues to computers
Diana Murray

Online Archives
Julian Richards

Mathematical Modelling
Clive Orton

Remote Sensing and Geophysical Prospection
Armin Schmidt

Making space for an archaeology of place
David Wheatley

A manufactured past: virtual reality in archaeology
Glyn Goodrick and Graeme Earl


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