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Records returned: 1 - 25 of 74 for 'Part = Rim'

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More Archive number Site Kiln Part Fabric Design Image
More BU1/1/102a BrC U5 Rim Pink/red Concentric circles, brown blobs
More BU1/1/102b BrH   Rim Pink/red Concentric circles, brown blobs
More BU1/1/104     Rim Orange  
More BU1/1/118 Br above culvert   Rim Deep pink Chain
More BU1/1/119 Br   Rim Pink S motif
More BU1/1/120 BrC U6 Rim Pink/orange S motif
More BU1/1/121 BrC U3/4 Rim Pink/red Castellated
More BU1/1/130     Rim Pink  
More BU1/1/134 Br   Rim Agate-bodied  
More BU1/1/137 Br   Rim Agate-bodied Horizontal bands
More BU1/1/138 Br   Rim Buff  
More BU1/1/009 BrC   Rim Pink/red Ovals
More BU1/1/010 BrC U5 Rim Dark red Geometric - straight lines
More BU1/1/012 BrC U2 Rim Red S motif
More BU1/1/013 BrC U1/2 Rim Dark red S motif
More BU1/1/014 BrC U1 Rim Orange/red Slashes
More BU1/1/023 BrC U4 Rim Orange S motif
More BU1/1/024 BrC U1, U1/2 Rim Pink/orange Sets of 3 lines at right angles
More BU1/1/025 BrC U1, U1/2 Rim Orange Motto
More BU1/1/057 BrC U1 Rim Pink Criss-cross
More BU1/1/058 BrC U1 Rim Pink Spiked chain
More BU1/1/059 BrC U1 Rim Orange/red Zigzag
More BU1/1/060 BrC   Rim Pink S motif
More BU1/1/061 BrC U2 Rim Pink/red S motif
More BU1/1/062 BrC U1, U2 Rim Orange/red S motif


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