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Records returned: 1 - 25 of 205 for 'Site = BrC'

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More Archive number Site Kiln Part Fabric Design Image
More BU1/1/102a BrC U5 Rim Pink/red Concentric circles, brown blobs
More BU1/1/103 BrC U11 Base Pink Central cross
More BU1/1/105 BrC U5 Base Pink/orange Scallops with spikes and bird head?
More BU1/1/106 BrC   Base Pink/orange Curved line
More BU1/1/108 BrC U1/2 Side Orange/red Curved line
More BU1/1/109 BrC   Side Pink/orange Tulip?
More BU1/1/110 BrC   Side Orange Leaf with spikes?
More BU1/1/111 BrC   Base Pink Wavy lines
More BU1/1/112 BrC   Base? Dark red Blobs
More BU1/1/113 BrC   Base? Pink Tree? With spikes
More BU1/1/115 BrC   Base Pink Chain
More BU1/1/116 BrC U5 Side Pale pink Lines
More BU1/1/117 BrC U7 Side Orange Curved lines
More BU1/1/120 BrC U6 Rim Pink/orange S motif
More BU1/1/121 BrC U3/4 Rim Pink/red Castellated
More BU1/1/122 BrC U6 Side Pink Curved lines
More BU1/1/123 BrC U6? Base? Pink Tulip?
More BU1/1/124 BrC U6 Side Pink Tulip?
More BU1/1/125 BrC U13 Base Pink Floral motif?
More BU1/1/126 BrC   Side Pink Straight lines
More BU1/1/127 BrC   Base Pink Concentric circles
More BU1/1/131 BrC U2 Base Red Floral motif - rose?
More BU1/1/133 BrC U5 Side? Pink Leaf?
More BU1/1/001 BrC   Side Pink Leaf
More BU1/1/003 BrC U1/2 Side Dark red Leaf


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