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Table of Figures

Figure 1: Spatial analyses problems and biases (A/ Groube 1981; Davidson 1978; Haggett 1965, and see Phillips 1987 for Māori settlements. B/ Gaffney 1995; Harris & Lock 1995; Church et al. 2000. C/ Phillips 2000a)

Figure 2: Constraints on settlement

Figure 3: All Māori settlements along the Waihou River, Hauraki, dating from AD 1450-1850, recorded by archaeological surveys and/or reported in Maori Land Court records (from Phillips 2000a, figs 3.9 and 4.14)

Figure 4: Pā mentioned in the Maori Land Court and approximate periods of occupation according to genealogical dating (from Phillips 1994, fig 5.14)

Figure 5: Evidence from the Maori Land Court relating to lands along the Waihou River banks: A) All garden lands; B) Hapū through whom two witnesses claimed lands; C) Spread of three hapū lands; D) Number of hapū claiming the same land (Phillips 1994; University of Auckland Library 2002)

Figure 6: Model of movement by two Māori hāpu at 3-10 year intervals

Figure 7: Cycles and changes: different reasons for mobility among Waihou Māori (Phillips 2000a, fig 7.4)

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