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9.4 ArcIMS User Help File

These notes and tips below are intended for readers who are new to ArcIMS. You may wish to open them in a separate window so that you can refer to them as you go.

The tool buttons that you can use to navigate your way around ArcIMS are listed below. If you are not sure what the tools do then try them out. Hold the cursor over the tool bar when you are in ArcIMS and you will be reminded what each tool does.

Once you have familiarised yourself with the buttons in the top left hand corner you may wish to start displaying different layers. You can select any number of layers to be visible, remember to scroll down the list of layers to click on refresh map. You can also select an active layer, but only one at a time. Use the 'Select by Rectangle' tool to draw a rectangle round an area of interest on the map and you will query the data for the active layer you have selected. You can then use the identify button to query individual active points.

Icon Function


Toggle between legend and layer list of current/visible layers (right-hand frame).


Toggle overview map in top left-hand corner (on or off). You can also use this map to navigate.


Zoom in (select the button then click on map or draw a rectangle to focus on an area of the map).


Zoom out (select the button then click on map to zoom out).


Zoom to full extent (i.e. view whole map area).


Zoom to active layer (as selected in right-hand column).


Pan tool (click on the button then right click and hold on the map, you can then move the map around)


Identify button (right click an active point on the map to retrieve data - cells will appear in bottom frame of screen).


Query (allows the user to build specific queries of the database).


Find (allows the user to find words or other strings of characters appearing in the active layer data).

Select by Rectangle

Select by rectangle - use this to query points within a defined area (click on the button and then drag out a rectangle to query).

Select by Line / Polygon

Select by line / polygon, (allows the user to draw a line or polygon on the map and search it for data.

Clear Selection

Clear selection.




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