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Extracting the social relevance of artefact distribution in Roman military forts

Penelope M. Allison, Andrew S. Fairbairn, Steven J.R. Ellis and Christopher W. Blackall

Table of Contents


List of Illustrations

Section 1: Project Summary (by P.M. Allison)

Sections 2-4: Background and Approach

Section 2: Introduction to studies of social life in Roman military space (by P.M. Allison)

Section 3: Introduction to artefact assemblage studies in Roman archaeology (by P.M. Allison)

Section 4: The Roman fortress of Vetera (by P.M. Allison)

Sections 5-7: Methodology and Technical Procedures

Section 5: Re-appraising excavation data (by P.M. Allison)

Section 6: Digitising published site plans (by C.W. Blackall and S.J.R. Ellis)

Section 7: Digitising and formatting artefact catalogues (by A.S. Fairbairn)

Section 8: Analyses of the Distribution of People and Activities (by P.M. Allison)

Sections 9-12: Data, Reference Materials and Acknowledgement

Section 9:Catalogues and GIS maps (by A.S. Fairbairn, S.J.R. Ellis, with assistance from P.A. Faulkner)

Section 10: Glossary

Section 11: Bibliography

Section 12: Acknowledgements

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