8. Acknowledgements

TAESP is directed by Dr Michael Given and Prof. A. Bernard Knapp (University of Glasgow), Dr Vasiliki Kassianidou (University of Cyprus) and Prof. Jay Noller (Oregon State University). We are very grateful to Dr Sophocles Hadjisavvas and Dr Pavlos Flourentzos, the previous and current directors of the Department of Antiquities of the Republic of Cyprus, for permission to carry out the survey and for their help and support.

The project is supported by major funding from the Arts and Humanities Research Council, and by additional funding from the British Academy, Council for British Research in the Levant, Institute for Aegean Prehistory, Carnegie Foundation, Mediterranean Archaeological Trust, Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies, and American Schools for Oriental Research. We are also grateful to the Arts and Humanities Research Council for a grant under their ICT Strategy Programme to support the preparation of this article. The design and implementation of the interactive GIS was carried out on Internet Archaeology's behalf by Stewart Waller and Michael Charno of the Archaeology Data Service.

We are very grateful to those friends and colleagues in Cyprus who have supported us, especially Robert Merrillees (previous director), Tom Davis (current director), Vathoulla Moustoukki and Diana Constantinides of the Cyprus American Archaeological Research Institute; Giorgos Georgiou of the Department of Antiquities; and Eleni Papapetrou. We have been given enormous help and hospitality by the people of the survey area, and we especially wish to express our gratitude to the people, village councils and presidents of the villages of Katydhata, Phlasou and Tembria.

TAESP's research is carried out by an international, interdisciplinary team of researchers. Although this article was written by Given, Corley and Sollars, it draws on the fieldwork and research of the entire team. We are particularly grateful to Alexis Boutin, Erin Gibson, Angus Graham, Kristina Winther Jacobsen, A. Bernard Knapp and Carole McCartney for their input. Thanks also to Natasja de Bruijn and Jeremy Huggett for their helpful comments on an earlier draft, and to Jeremy Huggett for providing the Javascript code for the expandable text.

The TAESP research team

Iain BanksUniversity of GlasgowGeophysics
Alexis BoutinUniversity of Pennsylvania Team leader
Hugh CorleyUniversity of GlasgowGIS; data management
Stephen DigneyUniversity of GlasgowTeam leader
Ian EvansByron Bay, AustraliaArchitecture
Smadar GabrieliUniversity of SydneyMedieval–Modern pottery
Myrto GeorgakopoulouUniversity College LondonArchaeometallurgy
Erin GibsonUniversity of GlasgowTeam leader; communications
Michael GivenUniversity of GlasgowMedieval–Modern periods
Angus GrahamUniversity College LondonTeam leader
Marios HadjianastasisUniversity of BirminghamOral history
Jean HumbertPhlasou, CyprusIllustrator
Tracy IrelandAustralian National UniversityHistorical archaeology
Sarah JanesUniversity of GlasgowIron Age
Vasiliki KassianidouUniversity of CyprusArchaeometallurgy
A. Bernard KnappUniversity of GlasgowPrehistoric periods
Carole McCartneyLemba, CyprusLithics
Jay NollerOregon State UniversityGeomorphology
Chris ParksIndianaPhotographer
Colin RobinsUniversity of Nevada Las VegasGeomorphology
Sheila SlevinOregon State UniversityGeomorphology
Luke SollarsUniversity of GlasgowDatabase manager
Gary TompsettUniversity of GlasgowTopographical survey
Neil UrwinCanberra, AustraliaGeobotany; satellite imagery
Joanita VroomUniversity of East AngliaMedieval–Modern pottery
Kristina Winther JacobsenCambridge University Director of pottery studies
Sevina ZesimouArchitect, LimassolWater distribution system