Panorama of the northern Karkotis Valley and Atsas Valley, from just north of the church of Prophitis Elias, 25 March 2006.
The panorama starts looking south-west up and across the Karkotis Valley. Scrolling to the right, the small yellowish hill in the middle of the valley is Koutroullis (TS06). Further right are the villages of Pano Phlasou and Kato Phlasou. The church on the hill in the middle ground is modern and dedicated to the Prophet Elijah. Beyond that is the lower part of the Karkotis Valley. The ridgeline with a long yellow stubble field above a deep green orchard is Laonarka (TS09). To the right of that are the spoil heaps of the modern copper mine of Skouriotissa; the Roman-period slag heap (TS01) is at its base to the left. The Atsas valley is visible to its right, on both sides of the hill in the foreground. To the right are the grey rocks of the pillow lavas and the mountains of the Troodos range. Photographs: Michael Given. Panorama creation: Hugh Corley.

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