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POSI Number TP135
GU number GU2034 GU2035
SIA Number TS06
Intensive Survey Zone Karkotis
Village Phlasou
Locality Koutroullis
Easting 489915.00
Northing 3879545.00
Elevation (m) 344.00
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Team Leader ATB
Summary A section cut into a slope with Bronze Age pottery (red polished) eroding out of the section (CS 2957)
Topography On the side of a gentle slope that leads down into an anthroprogenic terrace
Vegetation Wild vegetation (grasses)
Access Main road just south of Pano Phlasou, east on a dirt tract just past animal pens on the hill at game reserve sign
Description Environment Human activity above (animal pens). Very old olive trees to the north east. On side of the dirt track (to the north) off of road (to the east). Has been exposed by bulldozing. The drainage ditch has been cut out on the northern side of the trench to the east of the section.
Pottery Abundant
Tile None
Chipped Stone Some
Ground Stone Some
Slag None
Architecture None
Visibility (%) 80
Description POSI A section which has been exposed by bulldozing in the side of a slope. The bulldozer probably pushed the dirt from the section to the east to create the road. Lots of red polished ware pottery (all thicknesses), some in situ but most of it can be seen as eroding out of the slope. The various pottery thicknesses indicate a settlement. At the east end of the section there is a more stable section with a concentration of stones covered in carbonate (Jay's method the amount and type of carbonate can indicate the age of the artifact). Half a mortar was found at the other side of the road mid way along the section, this has carbonate on it. Also a very possible quern stone was found 20m east of the section on the other side of the road ( to be looked at later by carol). The section is roughly 35m long and 3m high at its highest point. The section is facing south. Section was drawn, photographed, and collectedABK (20 Oct 2004). Georghos Georghiou had gone back himself on 9/9/04 to have a look and make another collection. he actually did make a collection for the CS. there's plenty of Chalco or Late Chalco pottery (i can't really tell) AND what appear to be some Philia sherds as well. more importantly, there were two pieces of picrolite (one is a blank, one MAY be part of a pendant), about ten NICE groundstone pieces (hammerstones, mortars) and a couple of what looked to me to be axes, one of which was made of some stone like flint..... anyway, Carole MUST see this material, and so must Mara, BUT we will have to apply to the director to see it, and until it has a CS number we can't even do that: giorgios was just being kind to me today. So, for the record, there are three trays (two pottery, one groundstone) from Phlasou KOUTROULIS collected on 9/9/04 which soon will have a CS number, and which both Mara and Carole should certainly see asap.4 Nov 04. CS 2957. Application to see material.
Condition fairly stable but eroding.
Settlement Yes
Church No
Building No
Bridge No
Check Dam No
Threshing Floor No
Tomb No
Kiln No
Other Structure No
Rock No
Mine/Adit No
Botany No
Extraction No
Road No
Pottery Yes
Lithics Yes
View No
Geomorphology No
Prehistoric Yes
Iron Age No
Hellenistic/Roman No
Medieval/Ottoman No
Modern No
Slag No
Shrine No
Entered By AKR
Entered Date 8/7/2003 00:00:00
Recorded By AJG
Recorded Date 8/7/2003 00:00:00