Neil Campling, Principal Archaeologist, North Yorkshire County Council - for his support throughout the course, and also for discussions about this issue which lead to me considering the topic for the dissertation.

Julian Richards, University of York - for help and advice throughout the MSc in Archaeological Information Systems, and in particular during this project.

William Kilbride, Archaeology Data Service - for comments on parts of this dissertation.

Steve Dobson, University of York - for help and advice on the use of ArcView and other software issues.

Ben Gourley, University of York - for help with working out how to export raster to vector files.

Barry Taylor SMR manager Greater London Archaeology Service; Louisa Matthews, Assistant Archaeologist (SMR), South Yorkshire Archaeology Service; Alice Cattermole, Assistant Records Officer Norfolk Historic Environment Record; Sarah Poppy Historic Environment Record Officer Cambridgeshire County Council;- for answering my queries about finds recording in their respective Sites and Monuments Records/ Historic Environment Records.

Victoria Bryant, Historic Environment Record Manager within the Worcestershire Historic Environment and Archaeology Service - for answering my queries about finds recording in the Worcestershire Historic Environment Record and also for background advice on Finds.

Chris Cumberpatch - Freelance Pottery Specialist, for advice and information on finds.

Daniel Pett - ICT Adviser at the Portable Antiquities Scheme - for providing me with the Portable Antiquities Scheme digital data and also answering my questions about the scheme and data.

Simon Holmes - Finds Liaison Officer for Yorkshire - for answering my queries about the Portable Antiquities Scheme data from North Yorkshire more specifically.

And for bringing this article to publication are to Judith Winters, Julian Richards and Emma O'Riordan - for helping me through the process of publication, and having patience with my slow pace of response!


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