Silchester Roman Town Insula IX: The Development of an Urban Property c. AD 40-50 - c. AD 250

A. Clarke, M.G. Fulford, M. Rains and K. Tootell

With contributions by D. Allen, E. Besly, N. Crummy, K. Hayward, C. Ingrem, M. Lewis, M. Robinson, J. Timby, P. Tyers, P. Warry and S. Williams

Department of Archaeology, School of Human and Environmental Sciences, University of Reading, Whiteknights, PO Box 227, RG6 6AB. Email:


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Reconstruction of Masonry Buildings 1 and 2 from the south. Copyright: Margaret Matthews.

The development of an urban property in the Roman town of Calleva Atrebatum (Silchester, Hampshire, England) is traced from the late 1st to the mid-3rd century AD. Three successive periods of building with their associated finds of artefacts and biological remains are described and interpreted with provisional reconstructions of the buildings. Links are provided to a copy of the Integrated Archaeological Database (IADB), archived by the Archaeology Data Service, which holds the primary excavation and finds records.

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