Appendix 1.8: Teachers handbook and resource/activity sheets

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A handbook on the ancient cities of Merv was developed by Mike Corbishley, for the Ancient Merv Project (Corbishley 2005). The aim was to assist Turkmen teachers to use Merv both as a resource for teaching a variety of subjects within the classroom, and also to prepare them for site visits (for those for whom it is practical). Ten thousand copies were published in Turkmen, with the generous support of Shell Oil in Ashgabat who assisted in printing the books. These are currently being distributed, free of charge, in Turkmenistan. A DTP version of the handbook is also available in English.

In addition, a series of resource and activity sheets have been produced for Turkmen teachers (they are available in Turkmen and English). The sheets were written by Mike Corbishley and designed by Sjoerd van der Linde.


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