Appendix 1.7: Slideshow narratives

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Two narrated slideshows were developed, one for Great Kyz Kala (Fig. 42) and one for the Kyz Bibi complex (Fig. 53), both standing buildings within the suburban area. The slideshows were created to provide short interpretative introductions to these important monuments on the Ancient Merv Website (as an alternative to standard textual descriptions). In addition, the commentaries will function as a starting point for downloadable podcasts, a scheme that the Ancient Merv Project is currently working on.

Technical approach

The slideshows were made by merging digital pictures and sound in the software programme Studio 9. The digital audio files were created with the software programme Audacity 1.2 and exported as MP3 files and WAV files.

The separate digital audio files, pictures and script (as a text file) have also been deposited with the ADS.

Copyright issues

Copyright of the audio commentary belongs to the Ancient Merv Project and to Sjoerd van der Linde. The joint owners allow all forms of copying, downloading and quotation on condition that the Ancient Merv Project is acknowledged as the source.


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