Appendix 2.5: Citation issues

The Ancient Merv Project will allow all forms of copying, downloading and quotation on condition that the Ancient Merv Project Blog is acknowledged as the source. Intellectual credit for Blog member's comments and opinions should therefore be provided accurately and satisfactorily. Citation formats for Internet resources are still in development, but there are many Internet sites that offer acceptable guidelines in several styles, many of which follow Li and Crane (1996).

In accordance with the Modern Language Association (2006), we propose that blog postings might be regarded as the equivalent of personal written correspondence, and that these documents as such should be referenced with the caution appropriate to unpublished manuscripts. According to the standards of the MLA, referencing a post on a blog should contain the following information: author's name, title of posting (in quotation marks), the phrase 'online posting', the date of posting, the name of the blog/forum, the date of access, and the URL in angle brackets.

The guidelines for the citation of discussion list messages at Internet Archaeology seems to cover the necessary documentation information for citing blog posts and comments satisfactorily as well. We will therefore use the following information:

For example, a future blog entry at the Ancient Merv Blog should be cited as:

Linde, van der S. 'I do not agree with this quotation system'. 04 January 2007. Online posting. Ancient Merv Blog, University College London. Available: Accessed: 12 March 2007.

The authors welcome comments both on the details of this citation style and on the feasibility of using this model in future referencing practices.


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