Appendix 2.4: Editorial issues

The Ancient Merv Blog will be edited by authors of the Ancient Merv Project. Only the authors can upload blog posts (e.g. they can initiate a discussion), and only Blog members can respond to the posts by leaving comments. Although the public at large will be allowed to view the blog in its entirety, they can only participate in the Ancient Merv Blog if they become a Blog member by signing up to the specific terms of agreement.

The authors can only delete posts and/or comments, but not edit them. This means that while the authors can decide if comments will be displayed or subsequently used for future responses and discussions, they can never alter or edit people's comments directly.

As such, the authors have the editorial choice of which comments and posts they use to illustrate future points or influence future courses of action within the Ancient Merv Project, but not the right to edit people's opinions as such. Although every Blog member will have agreed to allow the Ancient Merv Project to publish its comments and opinions as quotations in future publications, the copyright will stay with the Blog member.


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