4.4.12 Canterbury – Marlowe Street Car Park

Excavations covering over 3000m² were undertaken in the Marlowe Street Car Park in the south-eastern intra-mural quadrant of Canterbury from 1948-60, 1978-80 and 1982 (Blockley 1995). Most of the archaeology related to early Saxon activity but phases dated c. 650-700 and later were also found.

After intensive Early Saxon occupation including workshops and craft-working, the Middle and Late Saxon assemblages were less abundant. During c. 650-700 the settlement was reorganised with two post-built halls and a number of SFBs. Over the following 150 years, excavations yielded little structural evidence although three 8th-century sceattas and sherds of Ipswich Ware were found. The VASLE dataset is derived from the published excavation report. New buildings were constructed in the late 9th century, although the site may now have been peripheral to the main occupation on the street frontage. Although there are later references to a market in Canterbury in the 9th century, this site may have been on the edge of the main focus.

Fingerprint charts for i) artefact date analysis, ii) artefact type analysis, iii) artefact metal analysis and iv) coins – date of production
Artefact date analysis Artefact type analysis Artefact metal analysis Coins - date of production


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