4.4.61 West Rudham, Norfolk

West Rudham is located close to the source of the River Wensum, and adjacent to the parish of East Rudham. In Domesday, East and West Rudham are treated as one settlement, with two churches and a number of 'outliers'. The settlements at Bagthorpe, Houghton and Barmer are mentioned as part of Rudham, suggesting it was a large settlement.

Along with East Rudham, West Rudham seems to have been an important Middle Saxon market or 'productive site', and a possible estate centre. Metal-detecting and field-walking since 1991 have revealed profuse metalwork finds, as well as sherds of Ipswich Ware. To the south and west of St Peter's church, an area of about five hectares has produced a couple of early sceattas and three 9th-century strap-ends with Trewhiddle-style decoration. A small number of finds have also been recovered from outside this well-defined area, in an area to the north, around the present village. They include a silver Middle Saxon ear scoop, a Middle Saxon pin with an unusual cross-shaped head, and a Late Saxon plaited gold ring. A late 9th-century Carolingian strap distributor, probably imported in the Saxon period, was also found. The VASLE dataset is derived from the Norfolk HER, with some coin records from the EMC.

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