The project was funded by the British Academy and the Centre Archéologique Européen (CAE); equipment was provided by Reading and Durham Universities. We are very grateful to our hosts at the CAE for their help, especially Vincent Guichard and Pascal Paris for obtaining the necessary authorisations and generally facilitating our work; Joelle Cunnac for support and advice; Fabrice Laudrin for the contour survey of Chantal; Pascal Guillemoz for fixing equipment whenever it broke down; Myriam Giudicelli for supplying illustrations of Mont Beuvray; Gilles Ruet for finds storage; Raphael Moreau for help with documentation.

Particular gratitude is due to all the proprietors for their cooperation and for granting access to their land and even moving cattle out of our way. Other members of the fieldwork team over the three seasons were Luke Bonwick, Laura Cripps, John Gover, Lorraine Lindsay-Gale, Matthew McMurray, Imogen Wellington and Karen Wickes, to whom we extend our thanks.

For assistance with the study of the finds, we would like to thank Martin Millett and Steven Willis (samian); Fabienne Olmer (amphorae); Robin Symonds, Pierre Nouvel, Jonathon Simon and Thierry Luginbühl (coarseware ceramics), and Lynden Cooper (flints). Beatrice Bonnamour and Pierre Nouvel kindly provided details of recent discoveries in Yonne. We are also grateful to Pascale Chardron-Picault, Jean-Loup Flouest and René Goguey for information about other sites in the region.


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