List of Figures

Figure 1: The relationship between selected Mesolithic sites in Northern England

Figure 2: A simplified, general model of tool design (after Bleed 1986; Nelson 1991; Nelson and Lippmeir 1993; Schiffer and Skibo 1997; Odell 2003)

Figure 3: An example of microlith morphological variability (after Finlayson et al. 1996)

Figure 4: Star Carr formal tools technological attributes analyses (PDF)

Figure 5: Fall-off gravity model relating to lithic attributes and distance (after Bamforth 1986; Hoffman 1992; Ricklis and Cox 1993; Ingbar 1994)

Figure 6: A contingency table illustrating the relationship between lithic raw material abundance and quality with tool types manufactured (after Andrefsky 1998)

Figure 7: A chaîne opératoire model for equipotentiality and mobility

Figure 8: The relationship between tools, site location and raw material factors


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