List of Figures

Figure 1: Isoplethic map of Group VI implements from Cummins 1974 (By permission of Antiquity)

Figure 2: Map of glacial erratics in Britain, from F.W. Harmer 1928.

Figure 3: Cumbrian erratic dispersal from published and unpublished sources (Briggs 1989).

Figure 4: Probable Borrowdale volcanic boulder in the Yorkshire Museum Gardens, York (photo: author).

Figure 5: Boulders from Scotland and the Lake District found at Wightwick (NT) (photo by Cherry Lavell)

Figure 6: Dispersal of Shap Granite, from Foster-Barham 1897

Figure 7: Erratics in the Lake District, from Kendall 1888.

Figure 8: Dispersal of Eskdale erratics, by Mellard Reade 1893

Figure 9: Nene Valley erratics, from Sabine 1949

Figure 10: Artefact of Group VI rock on glacial flake from boulder excavated at Lynch Farm (author)

Figure 11: Patinated flake from excavations at Bryn yr Hen Bobl by W.J. Hemp (author)

Figure 12: Flaked axe from Castlerigg, view of blade wear (author)

Figure 13: Flaked axe from Castlerigg, side of blade (author)


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