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Christian community

Ardwall Isle, Caldey Island, Canterbury, Capel Maelog, Colchester, Glastonbury, Lundy Island, Richborough, Shepton Mallet, St. Albans, The Scilly Isles, Tintagel, Whithorn,

Settlement type


Dating evidence

Construction methods

Burial Rite

Aberffraw (?), Ancaster (Mixed), Ardwall Isle (Christian Mixed?), Brean Down (Mixed), Caerleon (Female), Caerwent (Mixed?), Caldey Island (Christian Mixed?), Cannington (Mixed), Canterbury (Christian Mixed?), Cirencester (Mixed), Colchester (Christian Mixed), Dinas Powys (Child?), Dorchester/Poundbury (Mixed), Exeter (Mixed), Frocester (Mixed?), Glastonbury (Christian Male), Gloucester (Male), Lincoln (Mixed?), Lundy Island (Christian Mixed), Nettleton (Male?), Phillack (Mixed?), Shepton Mallet (Christian Mixed), South Shields (Mixed?), St. Albans (Christian Cremation), The Scilly Isles (Christian Mixed?), Tintagel (Christian Mixed?), Whithorn (Christian Mixed?), Winchester/Lankhills (Mixed), Worcester (Male), Wroxeter (?).

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