Table of Figures

Figure 1: Remains of St. Augustine's Abbey, Canterbury, with the remains of the Church of Saints Peter and Paul (left, under the roof) and the Church of St. Pancras (right rear).

Figure 2: The Balkerne Gate, Colchester.

Figure 3: Medieval bastion and late Roman wall, London.

Figure 4: The medieval castle and church within the walls of the Portchester Saxon Shore fort.

Figure 5: View of the interior and walls (facing north) of Richborough fort.

Figure 6: Ditch and ramparts of Castle Dore, Cornwall.

Figure 7: Glastonbury Tor, Somerset.

Figure 8: The ramparts of Maiden Castle, near Dorchester.

Figure 9: View from the plateau of Cadbury Castle, Somerset.

Figure 10: Modern passageway to "Tintagel Island."

Figure 11: Terraces and Iron Gate on "Tintagel Island."

Figure 12: The remains of the late Roman buttress at Winchester's Westgate.

Figure 13: Remains of the legionary barracks at Caerleon.

Figure 14: The twin peaks of Degannwy Castle, near Conwy, Wales.

Figure 15: Remains of hut at Ty Mawr on Holyhead Mountain.

Figure 16: Remains of hut at Ty Mawr on Holyhead Mountain.

Figure 17: Remains of the Roman wall circuit at Silchester.

Figure 18: Excavated remains of the Roman settlement at Wall, Staffordshire.

Figure 19: Remains of the "Old Work" (baths basilica) at Wroxeter, site of a sub-Roman timber complex.

Figure 20: Site of the late Roman cemetery at Ancaster.

Figure 21: Remains of a granary at Birdoswald fort.

Figure 22: The main street at Roman Corbridge.

Figure 23: The still-standing North Gate of Roman Lincoln.

Figure 24: Excavations of the sub-Roman community near the medieval Priory at Whithorn.

Figure 25: A late Roman multangular tower at York.


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