The Metal Detecting Forum - an online community. Resource, education and co-operation

Tom Redmayne and Kevin Woodward

United Kingdom Detector Net. Email:

Cite this as: Redmayne, T. and Woodward, K. 2013 The Metal Detecting Forum - an online community. Resource, education and co-operation, Internet Archaeology 33.


This article discusses the potential of the internet-based, metal detecting forum for interaction and dialogue between the profession of archaeology and the hobby of metal detecting. It also discusses its role as a focal point for those interested in, and requiring information and guidance on, all aspects of metal detecting and its associated disciplines, with particular reference to the United Kingdom Detector Net (UKDN) forum.

Since its inception in 2002, UKDN has grown from being a small group of like-minded enthusiasts discussing their hobby into an online community of over 5800 people from all walks of life, with a great variety of professions and interests represented. Members have a wealth of knowledge and information to draw on, such as:

Best practice is promoted at all times in recording finds with the Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS) and encouraging dialogue with the profession of archaeology. Many members have assisted on both professional and amateur digs both with, and without, their detectors. Forum members have also assisted in campaigns that they feel strongly about, such as the threat of PAS funding cuts in 2008.

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