List of Figures

Figure 1: Location of the study area (Image credit: W. Morrison)

Figure 2: Location of quarries in relation to known cropmark densities (Image credit: W. Morrison)

Figure 3: Sixty-three separate organisations have done some form of survey, evaluation or excavation within the study area. 81% of the work has been undertaken by just seven organisations (Image credit: W. Morrison)

Figure 4: Types of investigation in the study area (Image credit: W. Morrison)

Figure 5: Cotswold Community excavations, showing the work of multiple commercial archaeological practices and (in red crosshatch) a planned future quarry extension (Image credit: W. Morrison)

Figure 6: Detail of landscape near Roundhouse Farm, showing integration of plans for areas that have been geophysically surveyed, evaluated by trenching, and fully excavated. These represent the work of four different commercial archaeological practices over a large area and many years (Image credit: W. Morrison)

Figure 7: Kempsford area with concentrations of settlement at Horcott (nw), Coln Quarry (ne) and Kempsford (s) but noticeably empty in the centre region (Image credit: W. Morrison)