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Coarse Creamware 1

Name: Coarse Creamware 1 Code: CC1
Distinguishing features: Cream colour and black crystalline inclusions
Colour: Cream - pinkish brown. 2.5YR 6/6-7.5YR 7/4 Texture: Rough Strength: Medium
Hardness: Medium Resistance: Medium Fracture: Rough - finely irregular
Manufacture: Wheel Firing temperature : Medium Firing atmosphere: Oxidizing
Surface treatment: none, self-same slip or red paint
Clay matrix: Medium - well elutriated
Type Size mm. Colour Mineral % Shape Sorting Note
Crystals <4 Black Augite 1-25% Angular Poor  
Crystals <4 Transparent Sanidine 5-20% Angular Poor  
Grit <4 Dark red-black - 1-10% Sub-round Poor  
Particles <4 Orange-brown Grog 1-5% Sub-round Poor  
Particles <3 White Lime 1-5% Sub-round Poor  
Platelets <2 Golden Biotite mica <1% Platelet Poor  
Notes: Quantities and sizes of inclusions were variable, some pieces were quite fine but others rather coarse. Generally the quality of the fabric varied with the size of the vessel, thus pithoi contained the largest and most frequent inclusions.

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