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Amphora fabric 11

Name: Amphora fabric 11 Code: A11
Distinguishing features: Decoration and colour
Colour: Bright pinkish orange Texture: Medium Strength: High
Hardness: Medium-high Resistance: High Fracture: Conchoidal, laminar
Manufacture: Wheel Firing temperature: High Firing atmosphere: Oxidizing
Surface treatment: Bright red horizontal stripes of paint on exterior
Clay matrix: Well elutriated
Type Size mm. Colour Mineral % Shape Sorting Note
Particles <0.25 Mid-grey brown Grog 3 Sub-round Good  
Platelets <0.25 Silvery Mica 3 Platelet Good  
Particles <0.25 White Lime 1 ? Good  
Crystal <0.5 Greyish translucent Quartz? <1 Sub-angular Poor  

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