The Gallo-Roman cremation cemeteries of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg - intial findings of current research

Michel Polfer1 and Jos Thiel2

1 Seminaire d'Etudes Anciennes, Centre Universitaire de Luxembourg, 162 A, avenue de la Faïencerie, L-1511 Luxembourg, tel.:( 00352)-81.11.77, fax:(00352)-81.12.07.
2 11, rue Principale, L-8365 Hagen, Luxembourg.
Michel Polfer Jos Thiel


Table of Contents


The paper will present the first results of a research project which aims at:

The geographic area for the study is the modern Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, a major part of the ancient civitas treverorum. The project covers the period from the second half of the 1st century AD to the 5th century AD.

Map of Grand Duchy of Luxembourg
The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

The paper is divided into three main parts:


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