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6.9 Beaker period: Multi Dimensional Scaling

In the 2-dimensional diagram of the MDS-analysis (Strain=0.129) three groups of sites stand out. First of all there is a large intermediate group of sites, consisting of production debris, pottery and one or several tools. The large varied site fits into this group very well. The four sites to the right of the MDS-diagram consisting (almost) exclusively of pottery probably belong in the first group as well. Although the archaeological significance of these sites is hard to determine on the basis of the surface finds, they might also indicate graves. Besides these, there are the sites with arrowheads: sometimes with other artefacts (group 2, left), sometimes alone (group 3, bottom). Although an arrowhead does occur on site 52E-210, this is of another type and furthermore it is almost swamped by the wide range of artefact types from that location.

[Multi Dimensional Scaling: Beaker period]
Fig. 56 Multi Dimensional Scaling diagram for the Beaker period with the sites depicted as segment diagrams.


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