[Beaker sites]
Fig. 54 The sites from the Beaker period in diagrams

less detail

6.8 Beaker period: segment diagrams

The graphic displays of the artefact composition of the clean Beaker sites shows a number of site-typological aspects. There are no extremely large differences in the number of artefacts and the range of artefact types. One site (52E-210) towers above the others. The artefact composition, as expressed in the segment diagrams, appears at first sight not very uniform. Yet six or seven small sites are remarkable because of the predominance of the pottery. The other sites have a predominance of production debris, combined with pottery and one or more tools. The two sites which produced tanged arrowheads with straight wings cannot be distinguished from the graphs as a separate site type, due to the presence of the other artefacts. The two sites with triangular surface-retouched arrowheads are clearly separate.


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