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The project was aimed directly at the general public. Analysing the full return (142 respondents) indicates that only just over half of respondents (52%) were from those who identified themselves as having a general interest in archaeology. Many replies focused on the potential for the site to be used as an educational tool, and 21% of respondents described their interest in archaeology as being an educational one.

'Awesome project. Thanks to all you chaps. It really makes teaching A Level Archaeology a lot easier'
Questionnaire Feedback, December 2011
'If further developed this app could be a very useful tool to [people] studying, practicing or generally interested in archaeology.'
Questionnaire Feedback, January 2012.
'I used this as part of an Intro to Archaeology course this afternoon. Worked very well although the system could use something specifically designed for educational purposes.'
Questionnaire Feedback, June 2012

Although not the initial intended audience, many professional archaeologists engaged with the application (18%). The remaining 9% of respondents did not indicate their background interest in archaeology.

'This is a fantastic way of utilising the expansive volumes of Archaeological information that are often inaccessible to the general public. The application of this work not just to major sites but also to Local Authority HER databases and other information sources offers a fantastic opportunity to improve access to information to inform not just the general public but heritage professionals and other relevant industries (examination of the setting of heritage assets would be better considered if this joined up landscape approach was easily accessible). It also acts as a brilliant champion of the UKs greatest asset – its cultural heritage.'
Questionnaire Feedback, December, 2011