4.3 Challenges experienced by users

It is important to note that inevitably there were a minority of people who reported not finding the Seeing Beneath Stonehenge experience as positive as others. A few users appeared to struggle with the 'operator led' design of the application, and this normally seemed to be associated with a lack of experience of the software. Issues with iPads were also recorded on two occasions (see section 5.2). It is interesting to note the link between technological challenges and lowered interest response rates as observed in section 4.2 above.

'I could not make it work. I have an educated interest in Stonehenge and want to make use of the site.' Questionnaire Feedback, October, 2012
'cannot download to ipad2 have google earth' Questionnaire Feedback, July, 2012

In general though, being new to Google Earth did not appear to inhibit others finding their own way through the data and landscape. The inclusion of links to tutorials and other sources of support on the Seeing Beneath Stonehenge website are thought likely to have been an important element in helping this.