4. Release, Uptake, and User Feedback

Download the Seeing Beneath Stonehenge KMZ (view using Google Earth)

Seeing Beneath Stonehenge was released for general download in November 2011. Embedded within a bespoke webpage, with associated social media feeds and further information about the Stonehenge Riverside Project, it is currently hosted on Bournemouth University servers. On release it received an immediate enthusiastic response with over 8000 downloads from over 100 different countries within the first seven months. A social media campaign utilising Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube was run at the same time. In this initial phase the promotional Seeing Beneath Stonehenge video posted on YouTube received over 23,000 hits, and there were over 300 active social media participants on the other channels.

In order to investigate what the potential impacts were of engaging with the content posted by the project within the Google Earth layers, a short user questionnaire was embedded within the host webpage. This also gave the project an additional vehicle to receive further information about ease of use of the site, and areas for potential future development. Social media was used to drive participation and 142 responses to the questionnaire have been received. The majority of participants were from the United Kingdom (68%). The European Union made up 5%, and 16% came from a wide variety of other countries including Canada, the United States of America, Japan, and Yemen. A number of respondents (11%) did not provide a geographic location.