List of Figures

Figure 1: Image taken from Seeing Beneath Stonehenge showing the use of the polygon and polyline tools found in Google Earth

Figure 2: Image showing the use of HTML coding included within a polygon produced for the Greater Cursus

Figure 3: Data folders found within the Seeing Beneath Stonehenge KMZ

Figure 4: Image showing an embedded YouTube video within a Placemark in Google Earth

Figure 5: An embedded image hosted by Flickr within a Polygon drawn in Google Earth

Figure 6: Historic imagery provided by Google Earth showing the 2005 Larkhill excavations

Figure 7: Imported trench outlines from ArcGIS placed over the historic imagery from Google Earth, also showing the trench description and photo embedded from Flickr of the Larkhill excavations

Figure 8: Digitised plans of the Neolithic houses found within Durrington Walls within Trench 1

Figure 9: Combined plan of the Southern Circle indicating the parts from the Stonehenge Riverside Project and those taken from Wainwright and Longworth (1971, fig. 9)

Figure 10: The reconstruction of Bluestonehenge created in SketchUp7.1, and geolocated correctly within Trench 51 at the end of the Stonehenge Avenue