List of Figures

  1. Figure 1: An example of one of the 3D models produced using structure-for-motion techniques, and data co-produced by citizen scientists working with HeritageTogether. The top image is a photograph of Presaddfed burial chamber, while the bottom is an image of a 3D model of the same site, produced from photos contributed by citizen scientists
  2. Figure 2: Composite picture of forms of public archaeology undertaken for HeritageTogether. As well as digital public archaeology outreach provided through our website, we made use of a range of more traditional forms of engagement. It was at these events that nearly all of the spin-off 'bottom-up' collaborative projects we have been involved with came about
  3. Figure 3: Scales of involvement that took place during the HeritageTogether project. Not all of these scales necessitated the same type of involvement by members of the public, but we feel even the arguably 'least' transformative form of engagement, website traffic, represents an essential part of archaeological outreach and public accountability