List of Figures

Figure 1: Flinders Petrie behind a camera in Abydos, 1899. Courtesy © Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology, University College London

Figure 2: Demonstration of coding strategy of photographs

Figure 3: Chart of shifting social distance over time

Figure 4: Excavators with plastered bull skull mounted in wall ©Ian Todd, 1963

Figure 5: Overview of excavation in progress ©Ian Todd, 1963

Figure 6: Excavators demonstrating a feature ©BACH team, 2000

Figure 7: Excavators unearthing a burial ©BACH team, 2000

Figure 8: Shahina Farid discussing a red painted plaster wall ©Jason Quinlan, 2006

Figure 9: Excavators working on the red plaster wall ©Jason Quinlan, 2006

Figure 10: Saleh, a local worker employed at Tall Dhiban, Jordan ©Colleen Morgan