List of Figures

Figure 1: 'Unique finds change the history of Motala.' Placard for Motala and Vadstena Tidning, 19 November 1999

Figure 2: Public communication following the broadcast model, here with a guided tour of the excavation in Motala. Photo: Göran Gruber

Figure 3: View time, hours per month, for all YouTube videos about the Motala excavations (accessed from Gruber in prep)

Figure 4: Flint knapping tool made of polished red deer antler, radiocarbon dated to 5650-5340 BC. Photo: Göran Gruber

Figure 5: A cartoon from the website 'Scandinavians and the World' offering a humourous look at the dildo find (Taken from

Figure 6: The social actors with whom we interacted through the archaeological excavations and the public communication in the Motala projects (Arnberg and Gruber 2014, 168)


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