I must happily acknowledge my gratitude to all those who have contributed to the writing of this article. First I want to thank my colleague Bodil Petersson for her highly communicative and collaborative research skills that drew me into this publication adventure. I owe her pertinent suggestions and stimulating intellectual exchanges that have enriched my writing.

I cannot single out all the persons, institutions and enterprises that have enabled the digital co-production process of the archaeo-artistic experience this article deals with. Each member of the production-team, along with students and representatives from Lund University and from The Culture Historical Museum of Simrishamn involved in this experimental research project deserve my thanks. I am especially indebted to Marianne Gullberg, Carolina Larsson and Stefan Lindgren from the Humanities laboratory, Gerd Johansson, Fredrik Nilsson and Joakim Eriksson from the Institution for Design Sciences. Last, I want to thank Lena Alebo, chief of the Österlens museum who hosted this research experiment as well as the museum audience, actor-interpreters and co-producers of this explorative petroglyphic journey. Without a participative audience the co-production process had not been achieved and the article not been written.


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