List of Figures

Figure 1: Accuracy of object detection software against the human eye. ILSVRC = Large Scale Visual Recognition Challenge. (Sources: ImageNet; Karpathy 2014)

Figure 2: Ivan Tyukin and Konstantin Sofeikov using I-phones to scan Roman ceramics in the Jewry Wall Museum. (Photo P. Allison)

Figure 3: Three sample scans of the same white ware mortarium, from different positions. The numbers refer to the radius of the circumscribing circle. (Photos I. Tyukin and K. Sofeikov)

Figure 4: Scans of three different Roman vessels: a samian Drag. 27 cup left; a grey ware globular beaker, centre; and a white ware mortarium, right. (Photos I. Tyukin and K. Sofeikov)

Figure 5: Arch-I-Scan distinguishes the same globular beaker from the samian Drag. 27 cup, alongside two similar white ware mortaria. No false positives are seen. (Photos I. Tyukin and K. Sofeikov)


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