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Table 1: The dataset, presenting a comparison of quantities of different types of tablewares by site at selected first- and second-century CE sites in south-east Britain and from other north-west provinces. Quantification by EVE for settlements, by vessel count for cemeteries, and minimum number of vessels for Narbonne and Springhead

Table 2: Comparison of functional combinations of tableware vessels in graves. Quantification = numbers of graves. Key: S = (liquid-) service vessels, i.e.[?] flagons and flasks; D = drinking-related table vessels, i.e. beakers and cups; F = food-related table vessels, i.e. bowls and dishes

Table 3: Comparison of quantities of pottery from different context types at Pepper Hill Roman cemetery, Kent. Quantification by vessel count, except 'other pottery from pyre sites', which is quantified by weight (g). Based on data from Biddulph 2006b


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