We are very grateful to all the participants in the AHRC 'Big Data on the Roman Table' workshops and especially to the organisers and editors of this volume, Penelope Allison, Martin Pitts and Sarah Colley, for inviting us to be involved in a very stimulating process and for their patience and persistence with us despite delays caused by an exceptionally busy time at MOLA.

We are very grateful to the many developers who fund archaeological research in London and to all our colleagues at MOLA with whom we collaborate on that work. Specific thanks are due to David Bowsher who kindly supported the preparation of this article and Tracy Wellman, Hannah Faux and Faith Vardy who prepared the pottery illustrations for publication. We would also like to thank Dr Peter Webster for his kind permission to reproduce images from Roman Samian pottery in Britain: Practical handbook in archaeology 13 (1996) (Curle forms 11, 15, Drag. forms 15/17, 18, 18/31, 22, 24/25, 30, 31, 36, 42, Ritterling forms 9 and 12 and Walters form 79) and Dr Geoffrey Marsh for allowing the reproduction of bowl form 26.2 from his 1978 paper on ' Early second century fine wares in the London area' in British Archaeological Reports 57.

Our debt to the many individuals, who have worked on Roman pottery from London, at MOLA and elsewhere, is too large and wide-ranging to fully acknowledge here but we are particularly grateful to the pottery specialists who since 1995 have helped to produce the dataset analysed here. The current Roman pottery team at MOLA, Beth Richardson, Amy Thorp and Charlotte Burn, were also kind enough to discuss aspects of this article with us. All have, in effect, made valuable contributions to this article but cannot of course be held responsible for our interpretations or our mistakes.


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