3.14 Phase 8: 17th-18th century

Phase 8

3.14.1 Cobbled surfaces

A small rectangular area of cobbling, AJR, [Photo 0082] was laid under what was to become Structure 7. It may have been a path.

0082 Rectangular area of cobbling, AJR

To the south of the site, cobbled surfaces JBC, JBB and JBE probably belong to this phase; JBC and JBB appeared to overlie the southern wall of the South Range, which must have been demolished or ruinous by that time.

3.14.2 Linear features

AAL, AAM, ABB-ABF [Photo 0241] were shallow linear features filled with loose loam. They ran roughly parallel to each other and had rounded ends. AAK was a thin linear cut feature. It is most likely that these are animal burrows, as they were filled with very loose loam.

0241 Shallow linear features AAL, AAM, ABB-ABF


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