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Archaeology 2030: A Strategic Approach for Northern Ireland

John D.J. O'Keeffe

Cite this as: O'Keeffe, J.D.J. 2021 Archaeology 2030: A Strategic Approach for Northern Ireland, Internet Archaeology 57.


Archaeology Way Forward meeting
Archaeology Way Forward meeting

In the Autumn of 2016, the archaeological sector in Northern Ireland came together in the first of a series of meetings and collaborations to consider how the sector needs to change to meet the challenges that it faces, especially in the context of development-led interventions. The products of that collaboration were published in December 2020 asĀ Archaeology 2030: A Strategic Approach for Northern Ireland. The core vision of that document is this: that the heritage sector, and the archaeological sector in particular, wants archaeology to be accessed and valued by as many people as possible, led by a sector which is healthy, resilient and connected. This article is intended to give some context to how this coming together happened, how it has progressed, and to offer some perspective and reflections on where the journey may go in the future.

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  • Keywords: Archaeology 2030, heritage management, Northern Ireland, archaeology, fieldwork, collaboration, consensus
  • Accepted: 6 Jan 2021. Published: 17 Mar 2021
  • Funding: The publication of this article is funded by the European Archaeological Council.
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Corresponding author: John D.J. O'KeeffeORCID logo
Chief Executive Officer, The Discovery Programme: Centre for Archaeology and Innovation Ireland (Formerly Historic Environment Division, Department for Communities, Northern Ireland)

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Figure 1: An archaeological fire triangle

Figure 2: Amersfoort Agenda Theme 1 (Schut et al. 2015, 16)

Figure 3: Amersfoort Agenda Theme 2 (Schut et al. 2015, 19)

Figure 4: Amersfoort Agenda Theme 3 (Schut et al. 2015, 21)

Figure 5: July 2019 Archaeology Way Forward meeting (photograph courtesy E. O'Sullivan, Institute of Archaeologists of Ireland)

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