3.2.6 Dun Trossary

Dun Trossary is situated in the southern part of the island, around 30 metres above sea level and 2.3 kilometres from the west coast. The cairn sits on the end of a low promontory which essentially divides the plains to the east in two. This cairn appears to be specifically placed in the landscape so that the higher ground to the east can be seen, as well as spectacular views to the west. Views to the south are restricted.

photo and drawn plan of cairn
Fig. 8. Dun Trossary long cairn. Photo looking north.

This site appears to be a long horned cairn, the only long cairn on the island. It has been severely damaged by the construction of sheep pens. A kerb of 9 orthostats do survive along the western edge of the cairn and suggest a cairn that was originally around 65 metres in length, which would also make Dun Trossary the most substantial cairn on the island. The eastern side of the cairn has been almost completely destroyed. What appears to be a shallow, concave forecourt has also been severely damaged. It is possible to make out six stones which form the chamber and it is possible that some of the chamber does survive intact. This could only be revealed through excavation.


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