The principal authors and York Archaeological Trust would like to thank all those who contributed to this project.

The excavation was directed by Kurt Hunter-Mann, with the assistance of Bryan Antoni. Site photography was undertaken by Mike Andrews and Kurt Hunter-Mann. Thanks are due to the excavation team for maintaining such a high standard of work in difficult and pressured conditions.

The excavations and post-excavation work were funded by the developers, Wainhomes Ltd. Mike Griffiths acted as consultant for the developers. The progress of the archaeological works was monitored by Gail Falkingham (Humberside County Council) and Dr. Andrew Foxon and Bryan Sitch (Hull Museum).

Thanks are expressed to Renée Gajowskyj, Gill Woolrich, Neil McKie, Carolyn Ware and Christine McDonnell of the Trust's Finds Department for dealing with the artefacts recovered from the site. Erica Paterson of the Trust Conservation Laboratories is also thanked for her help with conserving the finds. Sandra Garside-Neville carried out the preliminary identification of the stone.

John Carrott, Keith Dobney, Allan Hall, Michael Issitt, Cluny Johnstone and Frances Large of the Environmental Archaeology Unit, University of York, provided assistance and additional information on the environmental remains.

Illustrations for the report were drawn and prepared by Charlotte Bentley, Kate Biggs, Glenys Boyles, Paula Chew, Simon Chew and Rebecca Smith. Thanks are due to Glenys Boyles for her guidance and advice concerning the preparation of the finds drawings. Simon Chew, assisted by Paula Chew, created the digital versions of the illustrations.

Academic and copy editing was carried out by David Petts, and the report was prepared for the Internet by Sandra Garside-Neville. Alan Vince prepared the databases for interrogation. Judith Winters of Internet Archaeology is thanked for her help in easing the transition of this report from paper to the screen.

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