Excavations on a Roman Extra-Mural Site at Brough-on-Humber, East Riding of Yorkshire, UK

Kurt Hunter-Mann1 with Margaret J. Darling2 and H.E.M. Cool3

and contributions from C. Barclay, J. Carrott, B. Dickinson, K. Dobney, S. Garside-Neville, G. Gaunt, A. Hall, J. Hamshaw-Thomas, K. Hartley, M. Issitt, D. Jaques, C. Johnstone, F. Large, J. McDonnell, D. Petts and G.Woolrich

1 York Archaeological Trust, Cromwell House, 13 Ogleforth, York, YO1 2JG
2 25 West Parade, Lincoln, LN1 1NW
3 16 Lady Bay Road, West Bridgford, Nottingham, NG2 5BJ
Kurt Hunter-Mann khuntermann@yorkarchaeology.co.uk, Dr H.E.M Cool hilary.cool@btinternet.com


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Excavation trench at Brough-on-Humber

In 1994, in advance of construction work on new houses, York Archaeological Trust excavated at Welton Road, Brough-on-Humber, east of the Roman walled settlement.

The town is usually identified as Petuaria and assumed to be the civitas capital of the Parisi, the local Romano-British tribe. This interpretation is controversial and it has been argued by some that the settlement should be understood as a military supply base. This report will contribute towards the resolution of this debate.

Excavations revealed a Roman settlement and field-system. Roman structures were identified, both along a road and elsewhere on the site. Other recognisable features included a T-shaped corn-drier, human graves, both cremation and inhumation, and possible ritual animal burials. There was a large finds assemblage, showing evidence for a range of domestic activities, as well as indicating a possible local pottery industry.

The site is important for several reasons:

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