Samian from Brough cont'd

4.2.3 Stratified occurrence

The occurrence of samian as a percentage of all the pottery from each period is shown on Fig.40, while the average sherd weights to indicate fragmentation are on Fig.41.

figure 40
Fig.40: Samian as a percentage of all pottery by period

figure 41
Fig.41: Average sherd weights of samian by period

The highest percentage occurs in Period 7 plough soil (8.5/5.8% sherds/weight), but as can be seen from the average sherd weights (Fig.41) these sherds are comparatively fragmented, just over one-third the size of the heaviest sherds in Period 5 dumps, where samian represents only 4/3.5% (sherds/weight).

figure 40
Fig.42 Percentage of each source of samian by period and weight

The percentages of each source by period are shown on Fig.42. The presence of East Gaulish wares in the earliest period, and their increasing proportion of the samian assemblage may be noted, but the persistent occurrence of South Gaulish sherds illustrates the mixed character of the samian. The earliest stratified East Gaulish sherds in Period 2 were from a stamped 31 of mid to late Antonine date. Sherds from Periods 3 and 4 were all dated to the late 2nd to mid 3rd century.


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