Table of Figures

Figure 1: Example of a section drawing created in AutoDesk's AutoCAD.

Figure 2: Example of plan drawings with layers.

Figure 3: Screenshot of a CAD drawing displayed using AutoDesk's Volo View Express.

Figure 4: Judith Winters with a large Permatrace drawing.

Figure 5: Example of a very simple layer in SVG as exported from Adobe Illustrator.

Figure 6: SVG image used as a design element in the Cricklade website.

Figure 7: Example code for a simple interaction with an SVG group.

Figure 8: The layout of the Cricklade website showing the SVG image along the top.

Figure 9: Example of a .dwg file in Illustrator, showing the control palette and the layers palette.

Figure 10: Example of SVG image interaction using Adobe SVG Viewer.

Figure 11: Example of an SVG drawing showing the floating layer control panel.

Figure 12: Image of the same drawing from Figure 11, showing the bank and field boundary layers turned off.

Figure 13: The original .dwg drawing of the south-west corner of the Cricklade site.

Figure 14: The same drawing from Figure 13, showing the effective use of transparent colour in Illustrator.

Figure 15: The south-west corner of the site rendered in SVG from the enhanced Illustrator drawing.


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