6.1 Type A: Counter with a cooking facility

Type A properties form the vast majority of all retail outlets that were fitted with service counters. Cooking facilities were found in 128 (or about 81% of) such properties in this study. Consequently, this type of retail outlet dominates this study. Not only is this type the most numerous in this study, but the likelihood that such properties with masonry counters and cooking facilities retailed food and drink specifically, rather than other goods and services, also means that this type dominates the discussion.

Figure 14: The various sub-types of Type A bars, their frequencies and their average areas.

TypeNumber% of all Type AAverage Area

As indicated in section 6, the 128 Type A properties were further sub-divided according to the number of rooms each comprised, with 'H' indicating that the property communicated with a house through a doorway. These data are collated in Figure 14.


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